Innovention Series


Submission Guidelines: Innovention Series- Homecare

Specifically curated for manufacturers of homecare products only. 

  • Company profile: A brief overview of who you are, your production capabilities, and customers you have worked with.

In order to be considered, companies must submit the following information about their innovative homecare products that they would like to pitch leading FMCG brands:

  1. Product Sample & MSDS: Material Specification Data Sheet. While the PhR and other IP of the product is not required, it is essential that the manufacturer share the MSDS (material specification data sheet) along with the product sample to vet the ingredients used in the product.
  2. USP: Any USP or key differentiator that may be new to the homecare market. This could include sustainable manufacturing practices, use of more green-friendly chemicals, a new product line that potentially solves a problem faced by the final consumer, different use of technology, licenses/patents/certifications etc. 
  3. Target Market: Why and how will your product positively impact the homecare market? Who is the intended target audience? Market study (if conducted).

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